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Responsible Clean Energy Supply

Providing end to end Gas to LNG Supply

Our focus lies in the optimisation of natural gas and LNG supply, marketing and trading including commercial and shipping logistical operations. Our upstream gas supply and midstream partnerships further enhance these activities.

Upstream Partnerships

Austin Chalk Holdings (ACH)

  • Equity LNG production of ~3 MTPA (1.3 Tcfe) with ramp-up expansion of up to ~5 MTPA
  • Investment in low-carbon solutions such as carbon capture & storage (CCS) and hydrogen to achieve a net-zero carbon target on all LNG supply by 2028

Sourcing for Competitive Gas Supply

Gulf Coast Trading facilitates the connection between upstream independent supply to provide the cleanest and most competitive LNG for our global consumers.

LNG Marketing & Trading

Gulf Coast Trading markets and trade its portfolio of Natural Gas to LNG to global consumers. HOAs has been committed by third parties.

LNG Shipping & Supply Optimisation

Gulf Coast Trading will take on the responsibility for LNG export together with the mid-stream liquefaction and shipping partners for our LNG offtakers.

Supporting the Global Energy Transition

Our Purpose

To responsibly provide the cleanest and most competitive LNG supply


Our Goal

Achieving net zero carbon by 2028 on all LNG supplied to our partners


Our Strategy

Deliver on our goal through collective decarbonisation efforts across the natural gas and LNG value chain


Natural Gas Production

Shared Partnership Goals


Achieved our goal of ending routine flaring and venting in 2023, and committed to maintaining these standards


Reducing methane emissions which includes leak detection and maintenance


Measurement, reduction and mitigation of emissions

Midstream Operations

Shared Partnership Goals


Deployment of carbon capture and storage (CCS) and hydrogen solutions


Reducing transportation emissions through centralized gathering systems


Reducing methane emissions which includes leak detection and maintenance



Shipping & LNG Supply



Chartering of cleaner vessels with efficient propulsion and containment systems


Measurement, reduction and mitigation of emissions






Empowering Countries with Energy Security & Supply

Committed to providing secure and affordable clean energy for our global consumers, Gulf Coast Trading (GCT) aims to be a responsible natural gas and other clean energy marketing and trading company supporting the world’s energy transition towards a sustainable future for generations to come.